Doctor-Recommended Carpal Tunnel Relief Is The Perfect Option For Surgeons

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Surgeons utilize their hands as much as any other tool at their disposal, and the precision of their movements is equally important as the function of their tools. But for too many surgeons, the pain, numbness, and tingling of carpal tunnel syndrome means that their days in the OR are numbered. It’s that precision, the intricate movements performed exactly the same way, thousands of times, that sidelines them from their work. But clinically-proven Carpal AID has been helping surgeons keep doing what they love most, without resorting to corrective surgery or early retirement. And now this elegant solution to carpal tunnel pain is even easier to find, since launching on, so there’s every reason to keep a large supply on hand in any medical office.

Surgeons everywhere are discovering patented Carpal AID, and breathing a sigh of relief as they see the real and immediate benefits of this simple little patch.

Utilizing medical-grade adhesive, this small, clear plastic patch affixes directly to the palm, lifting up on the skin and making space in the carpal tunnel. Hand and wrist braces are cumbersome, unsightly, and for surgeons, they aren’t an option. The need for precision in every movement cannot be overstated, and braces disable the whole hand and wrist. In addition, gloves are worn almost all the time when a surgeon is on duty, and this prohibits the use of a wrist brace. Carpal AID is a solution that checks all the most important boxes so a surgeon can focus on caring for their patient, while caring for themselves too.

When properly applied, the strong yet comfortable adhesive of the Carpal AID pain relief patch can remain in place for up to 8 hours. This allows plenty of time for many common surgical procedures, and if more time is needed, simply apply a new patch and get back to work.

New patches can be applied as often as necessary, because doctor-recommended Carpal AID is 100% drug-free. Keeping a clear head is the name of the game in surgery, and every movement counts. Being able to remedy the pain without pharmaceutical intervention is an important option, especially when you consider that the simple and effective design of Carpal AID means the debilitating symptoms can be rendered a non-issue while drugs often merely dull the pain.

“We at Carpal AID are excited to offer a clinically proven carpal tunnel treatment option that’s highly effective. For busy surgical professionals whose hands are among their most important instruments, this is a game changer. Nothing could be more fulfilling than helping the people who help the world stay healthy. Carpal AID allows them to stay focused on their patient, not their pain.” – Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President, Carpal AID

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